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Doctor Who Land

A Challenge Community

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Select Members , Moderated

This is a land community, where members enter a team and play against
each other in friendly competition. Every two months, the team with the highest
amount of points win and then the scores all go back to zero, ready to start again.

1. Please read our rules and FAQ.

2. Apply to be part of a team here

3. Be placed into one of the following teams:


Make sure to join your team community.

4. Make sure you've joined all of the sub-communities:

station_5 for games
platform_1 for graphics and visual media
dw_thelibrary for writing
theleisurehive for social stuff

5. Jump in! Enter challenges, earn points, have fun.

Everyone is welcome to join; this is not an elite community and you
will be allowed to particiapte; you just need to apply so that we
can keep track of the team membership numbers. Thank you, and have a nice time.

Profile Image by: blue_emotion (winner of our community look challenge)
Header by nowgold (one of the winners of our header challenge)
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